Through Life, Continues Many Walks.

   For better or worse, richer or poorer, til death do us part. Writing will always be in my blood and true passion, forever. People of all ages can enjoy my blogs, as it will include a childrens' section with the available, "Dolly Braidtails"series, which I personally wrote. (I have 15 grandchildren aging 17 down to 3 months and I read to them all when they come over. They look forward to hearing the stories and beg to come over so they can hear grandma tell them. To me, that says," I have a winner"!)  Teens and young adults, as well as elderly will get a kick out of the them too. There will poems and inspirational posts, health tips and cooking recipes. 

   *So welcome and be warned, I'm eccentric and eclectic , I can go from Topics A-Z,  so anything could show up on the blogs as I learn more new and inventive ways to express myself.  No profanity or nudity, just strong opinions on certain subjects. *

   Also, Jesus is #1 in my blogs because without Him, there would be no chance to eternal life. The spirit that moves me comes from the Lord Jesus Christ and without Him, I would be nothing.  He has brought me through many trials and gifted me much. Therefore, I thank Him for his gifts and allowing me the ability to have free will because it allows me to exercise my 1st Amendment Rights to Free Speech and therefore can not be held against me. lol.. I also thank Him for all that I was, all that I am, and all that I shall be. Amen 

Spiritual Positive Attitude, Energy, Motivation and Zeal, promote the ability to be self-driven and successful; and that is, Simply Roseanne.... <3