Never Fall In Love

Never Fall in Love
By Roseanne Jordan Largent

Look in the mirror, tell me what you see;
An inner person, and they're getting back at me.
I was so foolish to give my love away,
Now I grow wiser as I live another day.
Is it me? Can it be,
Or is it just an image that I'd like to see?
Can I do it again, or am I just your mama-san old man?
Reflections of my image have finally reached their end.
I've made my decision now, I think it's time I began.
I will not give to you the love I have to give,
But I will share that love, however much there is.
So please don't take my love away
If you're not going to stay with me.
If I lose my love to you,
I'll never fall in love again at all.
I'll never fall in love. Never fall in love.
No, I'll never, never fall in love.